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  1. Dark Denim Double Handle Clutch
  2. Light Denim Double Handle Clutch
  3. Black & Tan Straw Tote
  4. Red Wood Bamboo Tote Bag
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  5. Colorful Wood Bamboo Tote Bag
  6. Dark Denim Chain Clutch
  7. Light Denim Chain Clutch
  8. Red Woven Multi Color Tote
  9. Blue Woven Multi Color Tote
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  10. Yellow Jelly Shoulder Bag
  11. Green Jelly Shoulder Bag
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  12. Light Blue Washed Denim Bag
  13. Beige Shoulder Strap Leather Clutch
  14. Red Shoulder Strap Leather Clutch
  15. Red Multi Straw Tote Bag
  16. Green Multi Straw Tote Bag
  17. Ivory Western Fringe Fanny Pack Waist Bag
  18. Clear Barbie Fanny Pack
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